Thursday, September 6, 2012

YouTube Greatness Part 2

Guess what it's time for?


Enough of that.

Okay, so the first video I want to share with you all today is...

"Drinking Out of Cups!" 
I don't know what these people did to their friend before they recorded this, but we don't get to see it. What we do get to see is an animated lizard. There's also Mr. Balloonhands, Captain Tying Knots, and even some lighthouses and a seahorse. 
...You'll understand after you watch this.
Proof that working at a bowling alley is great, one of the cooks showed me this once upon a time.

This next video is fairly old, but I still crack up every time I see it.
It's "The Landlord!"

"I put you on the streets!"

This next video, I'll be honest, not everyone is going to like. That's right, it's time for a cat video. :) meow!

First, is the Patty Cake Cats. It just makes me smile, what can I say. And if cats could talk I bet this is what they'd really be saying...while they played Patty Cake... PATTY CAKE!

And finally...
The last video of the day is of Aquire A Capella singing "I'm on a Boat".

If you are afraid of bad words, or just don't enjoy funny but slightly inappropriate songs, I wouldn't listen. Everyone else, enjoy!
Who else enjoyed the girl as T-Pain? Nice pipes lady!

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