Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Have you ever just wanted to smack a ho? I can't be the only one.

I mean really, sometimes I'm SHOCKED at the things that come out of some people's mouths. It comes out and I'm just like:

And then, of course, my second response after the required maybe-she'll-realize-what-she-said-was-f-ing-stupid pause, is:

Anyways, FYI, I'm hoping to update this blog daily as I know all of you reading would not be able to go through your days without that little bit of Kelsey brand humor. 

Feel free to celebrate now.

Moving on...Today, I have decided to talk to you all about what my major is! Yay! 

When I tell people my major is Virtual Technology and Design, the response I usually get is a blank stare.

Now, any other VTDers out there will agree that it is near impossible to accurately describe what VTD actually is. I'm not even going to attempt to impress you with a spot on description. In fact, you're probably going to get the default answer: "Um...well...it's like 3D graphics...kind of...but I don't have to do that! There's lots of things that I could do with it......like.....Video Games....or Pixar or Animation...or...3D...Graphics..."

The point is, I'm going to try. Just for you.

SO to explain, let me show you some of the stuff that I have done in VTD...
This was my Room Assignment that I did Sophomore year in Advanced Lighting & Materials. I seem to have done some of my best work Sophomore year...

Case in point...
Also done during Sophomore year....

(Yes Supernatural Fans, I based the car in the scene off of the Metallicar. You're welcome.)

Some other things I have done have included making a turn based, Final Fantasy-esque, simple block character game using Virtools with the lovely Erica Larson and Megan Kora, my partners in VTD crime, and creating an emotion environment that looked like Christmas.

We also do a whole bunch of other projects, some of which you might expect like working with game engines like Unity or Torque, and some you might not expect like creating our own business.

So there you go. That's kind of what VTD is, for those of you that were curious.

Well...that's all for tonight. If you really want me to talk about something post it in the comments and I'll try to decide whether or not to humor you. Otherwise, I leave you tonight with this lovely GIF of a Storm Trooper!



  1. Keep it up! Kelsey-brand humor is my coffee.