Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This post is important. Very Important. It's about my hair.

Okay, okay. I know it's been a while and I'm sorry. But we have a real situation on our hands. I've got a $50 Gift card for Hair & Face salon in Moscow burning a hole in my pocket and a head of hair I haven't cut in about a year.

Now let's be real for a minute. I'm not thinking anything drastic. I just keep telling myself that I'll call and make an appointment for a cut and color and chicken out. I need reassurance that I'm not about to set myself up to hate my hair (which I love. My hair, that is.). Also I don't like talking to people on the phone about the services I need/want from them.

So help me!

First of all, I want the bangs. I had them growing up as a kid, and I'm ready to try them again. So far, I'm totally in love with Clara's (Doctor Who) new hair update for the newest series. Like absolutely love it. So much so that I briefly considered getting the full hair cut.
Love it.

Will these bangs look good on me? I sure hope so cause it's happening.

But then I also wonder...color? 

No worries, not going brunette! But stay with the Ginger? Or go back to my Blonde roots?

I think this would be a good in-between. 
But I'm in love with this color. (It may just be with all the blue. Ginger hair with blue tones in the clothes are the bees knees.)
And I love this too. Kind of the in between the two gingers.

And then the blondes...
I could go full Emma. Return to blonde (although I'm not quite THIS blonde anymore) after spending a LONG time as a Ginger.
Or go Kirsten. I LOVE Kirsten.
Or pull a Scarlett. (this is more my natural color)

Other ideas are on my Pinterest HAIR board. So you can check that out too. Whatever helps you help me make this decision. :)

Thanks friends! 
I loves you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pullman Comic-Con!

So if you haven't already heard, little Pullman, Washington is having it's first ever Comic-Con on February 1st.

I. Am. Excited.

Mostly, because I get to dress up (because obviously!) and bask in all things nerd instead of going to work!

So anyways, now I have to decide who I will be dressing up as. Which, if you know me and know how terrible I am at making decisions, is going to be a task.

I've had some suggestions, thought of some myself, and am open to even more suggestions. I don't have too much more time, but I can sew and I am fantastic at throwing things together last minute.

Okay so as usual, my doppelgangers HAVE to be possible options. Problem is, I apparently have multiple doppelgangers...so that makes things difficult. All options, doppelgangers or not, are being considered!

Here they are (in no particular order!):

1. Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
A classic. I already have everything I need to successfully be Ginny. And let's be honest, I already AM Ginny. (Plus, for the book fans, I have the correct color eyes.)

2. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
Again, I already have everything I need to be Amy, as I have dressed as her before. Plus I'd get to attempt my Scottish accent. Which actually might be a bad thing....

3. Mary Jane Watson/any Kirsten Dunst character like ever (Spiderman)
Mary Jane would be my first choice of K-Dunst characters, because 1. Spiderman and 2. Ginger. Also, it would be pretty easy to come up with this costume.

4. Anna of Arendelle (Frozen)
I LOVE ANNA. She is me. I am her. WE ARE AWKWARD. Personality-wise, this might literally be the easiest character for me to be. Costume-wise, it might be a little difficult to come up with. Oh but have you seen my Anna Tiara? It just might be fate.

5. Rikku (Final Fantasy X & X-2)
Now...this could get a little...well. Anyways, there are a TON of options for costume when it comes to Rikku. She was in TWO games, one of which was essentially a dress up game (And I continue to enjoy every minute of it!), so the above examples are only two of like 20 options. I was Songstress Rikku for Halloween like Sophomore year of High School, I might still have that costume somewhere, BUT I always said that if I got to go to a comic-con, and I was in good enough shape, I would go as Thief Rikku.....It's a cold, cold possibility....

6. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
Now don't hate me, but I haven't seen Firefly (YET!!! I HAVE IT, JUST HAVEN'T WATCHED IT) but I have seen Serenity, so I definitely know who Kaylee is. I've had two people suggest her now so I'm giving it some real thought. This one could be fun.

7. Kahlan Amnell (Sword of Truth Series/Legend of the Seeker)
I'll be honest, I was (AM) I HUGE Legend of the Seeker fan. I absolutely LOVED the television series and was so sad to see it go. And I may or may not have a level 3 girl crush on Kahlan Amnell/Bridget Reagan. Kahlan is such a bad ass. I could make myself the epic white dress (or really any of them) and walk around confessing people. You have to admit, it would be awesome.

8. Cara Mason (Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth Series)
I hadn't even thought of this until I was looking up images for Kahlan. But damn. This would be terribly difficult to pull off, but SO AWESOME.

Can you see why I'm so terrible at making decisions now? That's why, internets world, I need your help. Have a suggestion? Think one of the above choices is awesome? Tell me! 

You are my only hope!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ranty McRantyness

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. 

(See what I did there?)

You are possibly not going to like this post. 

I just can't. Like seriously. I just can't anymore.

You've been officially warned. But there will also be funnies and there will be GIFs (obviously.)
...so it might be worth it.


You know how people post stupid shit on Facebook? Like the stupid shit where they take shots at a group of people because of their beliefs or who they voted for. That last one especially.

Especially when it's something like, oh, I don't know..

Only sub out Ohio State Grads (I have nothing against Ohio State, this was the first image result of what I was looking for I promise. I actually searched "I don't always talk to Boise State grads..." SERIOUSLY. I PROMISE.)

Anyways....Sub out Ohio State Grads for "People who voted for Obama"  or "People who voted for Romney" or "People who voted for Santa Claus."






I have said this before, and I will say it again.

Who cares who I voted for? I don't care who you voted for. I still want to be your friend. But there seem to be people out there who really want to not be friends. Which makes me sad and prompted me to write this. 

Let's take a minute to imagine something.

What if instead of private voting booths, we just all met up in town on voting day and they said if you want to vote for this person go to that side and if you want to vote for the other person go to the other side. 

Think about it. Talk about the fastest way to lose friends like ever.

We don't do this, because there would be anarchy.

So can we please stop?


Because I want us to be friends, but I'm not afraid to slap a bitch.

In other news, I promise I'll start posting more. Funny things. Fo Reals.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Have you ever looked at the back of a package of Ramen? Like the nutritional facts and whatever? 

Now I know it's not exactly the healthiest thing, but shit.

One serving of Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup - Beef Flavor is half of a package. 

One serving contains 790 mg of Sodium, which is apparently 33% of your daily sodium intake (based of 2,000 calories)

I'll let you ponder that for a moment...

Have you thought about it? That means that if I eat a whole package (which, if you've ever eaten ramen before [aka everyone], is a very easy task) I am supposedly ingesting 1580 mg of sodium.

Let's take a look at that number one more time.

1580 mg


For those of you keeping score, that would be 66% of my daily sodium intake in ONE MEAL. 


I think the only reason I'm not dead yet, is because I don't drink the juice. I just eat the noodle. Apparently, it's my saving grace. 

Despite all this, I was eating ramen as I wrote this post. Why? Because it's delicious, that's why. And as long as ramen stays delicious, I will continue to eat it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Level 2 Girl Crush

I have a level 2 Girl Crush.

For those of you who don't know what that means, there's a good chance you don't know who the recipient of my girl crush is.

Enjoy. I'll wait... :)

You back?
Okay moving on.

Yes, yes. I have a level two girl crush on Jenna Marbles.

I'm warning you all now, this post will give you ten fantastic reasons why. :D !!

So here they are, the top reasons I have a level two girl crush on Jenna Marbles:

Reason #1: She played college softball. I did some stalking research and found out that my only did she play softball, she was a pitcher. Also, she was #7, which is my number as well. We're totally softball buddies!

Reason #2: Sexual Wednesday/Thursday is one of the highlights of my week. Jenna's videos make my hump day/day after hump day just a little bit brighter. :)

Reason #3: Mr. Marbles and the Silver Unicorn. Well, mostly Marbles. (Sorry Kermit!) They're just so freakin adorable! And you can tell Jenna takes really good care of them!

Reason #4: It is now considered somewhat acceptable for me to sing everything I say. I used to do it and people looked at me like I was a weirdo. Now I do it and people just assume I've been watching a lot of Jenna Marbles videos!

Reason #5: Have you not seen the girl? She's fucking adorable! Which brings me to reason 6...

Reason #6: All the marvelous swear words in the glorious goodness!

Reason #7: Nerf War.

Reason #8: Spider-Man. And other Spider-Man. Always.

Reason #9: Land Shark

Reason #10: 

Now I'd like for all of you to ponder this...Who are your girl crushes? Guys - guy crushes? (If it makes you feel any better we can call it a Bromance)

You are so welcome.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey there!

So as I said in my last post, I've been thinking of changing things up a little. I have decided to stay "Sororidork" because how can you not keep that name? It's perfect. Period.

But, as I'm sure you can tell, I made some changes to the blog.... :)

And I made something....

 There is also a white background version. (I wasn't sure what would look best with the new blog colors and such!)

THIS is for a segment I'll be doing called, you guessed it, Kelsey Plays Games. I'm going to talk about games, play games, everything to do with video games. It'll be awesome. Just you wait.

Anyways, I just wanted to show this off to you all because I'm procrastinating other, probably more important things.
So yeah....

That's it....

I'll just leave this here too....

And this.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Welp, I seem to have done it again.... Forgetting to post on the blog I said I would try to post every day on. Yeah, yeah. I know. "Do or do not. There is no try."

If it makes anyone feel any better, (it certainly does for me) there are three saved posts in my drafts folder. THREE. I actually made an effort THREE SEPARATE TIMES (on my phone too!) to entertain.

Upon realizing this I was like "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

Because you know what? All those posts were good ideas. One of them was about a terrible experience with a noisy neighbor. It was a little rant-y but really, once I got my GIFs in there, it would have been beautiful. I might even still post it. It's literally from February, but I might still post it. Only trouble is, despite the fact that I added no names, I'm still pretty sure it's painfully obvious who everyone involved was. 

I even had one ready and waiting from OCTOBER. And (Hold on to something everyone!) it was about my Level 2 Girl Crush on Jenna Marbles. Which was inspired by myself and my good friend Jordan making (This time you might want to sit down.) our "Top 5 Girl Crush" lists. 
Don't worry friends. You know there will be something about this sooner or later.

And lastly, I was going to do a whole post about video games! Like talking about why I'm so okay with Power Leveling. (Like seriously, I feel like there is definitely something wrong with how okay I am with spending 60 hours doing nothing but Power Leveling.) Also, I would have talked about actually interesting things like stories in games and characters and their development and whatnot. 

So this kind of leads me to some kind of news. Kind of. I haven't really fully decided anything, and despite the fact that I am now officially a college graduate, (YEAH!) I am probably just as busy as I always am. BUT I think I'll be doing a lot more blogging. AND perhaps a little Vlogging too. AND  
it will probably be a lot to do with Video Gaming. SO... there might be a name change in the works. (For the blog, not me)

There would still be plenty of other little fun stuff like learning about my Girl Crushes and posting about that new show Whodunnit that I absolutely love, but I would also be doing so serious (HA!) video game "reporting." Like playing and reviewing games that came out years ago. Maybe I'll chronicle my attempt to play as many Final Fantasy Games as possible. WHO KNOWS!

All that needs to be known now is that I'm bored, but also not at the same time, so I'm going to try to do something that I think will be a blast but could end up boring the hell out of all of you.

Here's to maybe not losing readers?