Thursday, July 18, 2013

Level 2 Girl Crush

I have a level 2 Girl Crush.

For those of you who don't know what that means, there's a good chance you don't know who the recipient of my girl crush is.

Enjoy. I'll wait... :)

You back?
Okay moving on.

Yes, yes. I have a level two girl crush on Jenna Marbles.

I'm warning you all now, this post will give you ten fantastic reasons why. :D !!

So here they are, the top reasons I have a level two girl crush on Jenna Marbles:

Reason #1: She played college softball. I did some stalking research and found out that my only did she play softball, she was a pitcher. Also, she was #7, which is my number as well. We're totally softball buddies!

Reason #2: Sexual Wednesday/Thursday is one of the highlights of my week. Jenna's videos make my hump day/day after hump day just a little bit brighter. :)

Reason #3: Mr. Marbles and the Silver Unicorn. Well, mostly Marbles. (Sorry Kermit!) They're just so freakin adorable! And you can tell Jenna takes really good care of them!

Reason #4: It is now considered somewhat acceptable for me to sing everything I say. I used to do it and people looked at me like I was a weirdo. Now I do it and people just assume I've been watching a lot of Jenna Marbles videos!

Reason #5: Have you not seen the girl? She's fucking adorable! Which brings me to reason 6...

Reason #6: All the marvelous swear words in the glorious goodness!

Reason #7: Nerf War.

Reason #8: Spider-Man. And other Spider-Man. Always.

Reason #9: Land Shark

Reason #10: 

Now I'd like for all of you to ponder this...Who are your girl crushes? Guys - guy crushes? (If it makes you feel any better we can call it a Bromance)

You are so welcome.

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  1. I finally whittled my girl crush list down to 5 because I realized that Zooey D is only a level 2. So my LEVEL 3 girl crushes are (in no particular order):
    Jessica Biel, Emma Watson, Rachel McAdams, Anne Hathaway, and Liv Tyler. I am inappropriately proud of this list.